The scope of the Advance Oncology Medical Centre project involves the establishment of a facility for cancer drug manufacturing. The specific areas of work include cleanroom partitions, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, and internal electrical installations.

  • Cleanroom Partitions: The project entails designing and installing cleanroom partitions to create controlled environments necessary for the manufacturing of cancer drugs. These partitions should meet stringent cleanliness standards, including air filtration, temperature control, and pressure differentials.
  • HVAC Systems: The project requires the installation of HVAC systems tailored to the specific needs of the cleanrooms. These systems should provide proper air exchange rates, temperature and humidity control, and filtration to maintain clean and sterile manufacturing conditions.
  • Internal Electrical Installations: The facility will require internal electrical installations to support the cleanroom operations and other functional areas. This includes power distribution, lighting, emergency backup systems, and specialized electrical requirements for equipment and machinery.

By addressing these challenges through meticulous planning, effective coordination, compliance with regulations, and a focus on safety and quality, the Advance Oncology Medical Centre project can successfully overcome the constraints of space and a running plant. Engaging experienced professionals and contractors familiar with pharmaceutical facility construction and adhering to industry best practices will help ensure a successful outcome.