The inpatient setting of a pharmacy at a hospital is unique in many ways. The patients treated by a health system pharmacist typically have more complicated conditions than those in an ambulatory setting and take multiple medications. A staff pharmacist may have exposure to oncology, intravenous (IV) medication therapy, neonatal care, nutrition, pain therapy, geriatrics, and beyond. Staff pharmacists have responsibilities like dispensing medication, making purchasing decisions, monitoring drug therapy, preparing IV medication, and overseeing drug administration. At FTS Cleanrooms, we offer complete in-patient pharmacy solutions in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Sudan and Yemen.

Helping You Build the Right Infrastructure

Delivering the right inpatient pharmacy solutions to your patients depends on the staff and the kind of infrastructure that you have. Here’s where our solutions come in. We help you plan and implement the right system that would help to deliver quality healthcare to your patients. From procuring quality equipment and setting it up to maintaining them in the right way, we help you with everything so that you have an infrastructure that you can rely on every single time.

Getting the right Services

To get our Inpatient Pharmacy solutions, all you need is to contact us. We would handle the rest. Just give us a call, shoot a mail or fill the form on our website and we will get back to you. We would carefully analyze your needs and develop the right solutions. Our team would ensure that the infrastructure we build is scalable so it can meet the demands of your growing business.