Modular Cleanrooms for Veterinary Vaccines

FTS Lifecare enables high-pace analysis of veterinary drugs in 100% safety & accordance with regulations mandated for GMP, ISO and FED STD 209E-certified cleanrooms. Our modular cleanrooms facilitate veterinary vaccine development for the treatment of various life-threatening diseases like cancer that demand impeccable standards of cleanliness and sterility. Since veterinary cleanrooms are a prerequisite for veterinary pharmaceutical factories to obtain operational licenses, we make sure that every aspect of our production process meets the regulatory requirements. At FTS Lifecare, we do not just manufacture cleanroom facilities; we pioneer excellence that allows us to set the standard for veterinary vaccine potency.
Contamination is a constant threat to veterinary vaccine production, affecting both safety and efficacy. However, our modular cleanrooms serve as a shield against this unseen foe. Equipped with cutting-edge air filtration systems and strict safety protocols, they ensure that every vet vaccine received by our furry friends is free from harmful contaminants.
If you are looking for a clean room for vet vaccines, trust us to be your formidable partner in safeguarding animal health and well-being. We are quick to build veterinary pharmaceutical cleanrooms and can meet the most stringent requirements with precision.

Cleanroom Designs for Veterinary Vaccines

Some of our cleanroom designs for veterinary vaccine formulation include:
Standard modular cleanroom
This popular cleanroom design features pre-fabricated steel or aluminium panels that are meticulously assembled for creating cleanroom walls, floors, and ceilings. The modular nature of these cleanrooms allows for improved flexibility in the layout and easier re-configuration as required.
Softwall modular cleanroom
A soft wall modular cleanroom uses flexible vinyl curtains in place of rigid panels for enclosure, making them a cost-effective cleanroom solution. The software design is known for its easy installation, which allows it to quickly adapt to the changing veterinary vaccine production requirements.
Hardwall modular cleanroom
Featuring rigid panels for enclosure, a hardwall modular cleanroom has a more robust structure than a softwall cleanroom. Additionally, the former offers a higher level of cleanliness, making it an ideal choice for veterinary vaccine production with stringent cleanroom requirements.
Containment modular cleanroom
A containment cleanroom is designed for the safe handling of hazardous chemicals or pathogens, like live vaccinations or viral vectors, without compromising operator safety. To minimise contamination risks, it comes with advanced features, like negative pressure systems & airlocks, etc.

Modular Cleanroom Benefits

Speedy construction
Modular cleanrooms for veterinary medicine or vaccine production can be set up in a fraction of the total time required for permanent construction. As the former utilises pre-fabricated panels designed for improved flexibility, the construction time is almost halved in comparison to the traditional cleanroom structures.
Unlike traditional cleanroom structures with almost no flexibility, modular cleanrooms can be easily moved across different locations. This also makes them suitable for animal vaccination programs or companies that require temporary production set-ups with improved flexibility in manufacturing operations.
The investment for brick-and-mortar construction is way higher and so is the amount of time needed to recover costs. However, modular cleanrooms demand lower investment and have shorter lead times.
Easy to clean
Modular cleanrooms are highly compatible with the rigorous cleaning procedures mandated for veterinary pharmaceutical cleanrooms, providing them with the upper hand over conventional cleanrooms.
Sustainable design
Modular cleanrooms allow you to employ green construction techniques and do your bit towards protecting the earth’s natural resources.

Why FTS Lifecare –

A solid team with 21 years of combined experience in veterinary pharmaceuticals
Customised cleanroom solutions designed to meet the client's unique requirements
Products compliant with the necessary regulatory requirements
A highly skilled cleanroom installation team
Use of state-of-the-art technology to ensure vaccine integrity
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