It operates a facility that includes multiple areas such as a capsule filling area, sachet filling area, coating area, herbal plant, and packing hall. The scope of work for the facility involves a modification project in the packing hall.

Here is a detailed overview of scope of work:

Capsule Filling Area: This area is dedicated to the filling and packaging of capsules. It involves the installation of specialized equipment and machinery for efficient and controlled capsule-filling operations. The area is designed to ensure accuracy, hygiene, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Sachet Filling Area: The sachet filling area focuses on the packaging of pharmaceutical products in sachet form. It requires the installation of suitable filling machines, conveyors, and other packaging equipment to ensure proper sealing, labeling, and batch coding.

Coating Area: The coating area is responsible for coating tablets and other solid dosage forms. It involves the setup of coating machines, drying systems, and process control equipment to achieve uniform coating, control release properties, and enhance product appearance.

Herbal Plant: The herbal plant is a specialized area for the processing and manufacturing of herbal products. It requires specific equipment and facilities to handle herbal extraction, formulation, and packaging while adhering to quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Packing Hall Modification: The scope of work involves modifying the existing packing hall. This may include layout redesign, installation of new packaging lines, upgrading machinery, and implementing improved workflow systems to enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety.


Modification Job with Hurdles: Modifying an existing facility can pose challenges due to various factors such as space constraints, integration with existing systems, and workflow disruptions. Overcoming these hurdles requires meticulous planning, coordination, and efficient project management.

Shutdown Project: Undertaking modifications in a facility that requires a temporary shutdown adds complexity to the project. Careful planning is necessary to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition from the existing setup to the modified facility.

Matching with the Existing Facility: The modifications must seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure, utilities, and workflow of the facility. Ensuring compatibility and harmonization between the modified and existing areas requires meticulous design, engineering, and coordination efforts.

By addressing these challenges and successfully executing the modification project, Global Pharma aims to optimize its operations in the capsule filling, sachet filling, coating, herbal plant, and packing hall areas. The goal is to enhance productivity, efficiency, and compliance with regulatory standards to deliver high-quality pharmaceutical products