Facility: Oral Solid Dosage

Scope of Work: Approx 10,000 sqm Cleanroom Partitions, Cleanroom Equipment

Challenge: Time Constraint Job, Completed in 6 Months

Achievement: Successful Audit by Ministry of Health (MOH)

Project Description

The Microsynergy project in Jebel Ali, Dubai, focuses on the establishment of a facility dedicated to oral solid dosage production. The facility is designed to meet stringent cleanliness standards and ensure the production of high-quality pharmaceutical products. The project involves the installation of approximately 10,000 square meters of cleanroom partitions and the integration of cleanroom equipment.

Cleanroom partitions are vital in creating controlled environments that prevent contamination and maintain the required cleanliness levels. These partitions help in creating separate areas for different stages of the manufacturing process, such as formulation, blending, compression, coating, and packaging. The installation of cleanroom partitions is essential to ensure the integrity and safety of the oral solid dosage products.

CHALLENGES: One of the significant challenges faced during the project was the time constraint. Despite the tight timeline, the project was successfully completed within six months. This achievement reflects efficient project management, coordination, and effective execution strategies.

Furthermore, the Microsynergy facility underwent a comprehensive audit conducted by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The successful audit signifies compliance with regulatory requirements and quality standards set by the MOH for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. This achievement highlights the commitment to quality, safety, and adherence to industry regulation.