It operates a facility for gasket manufacturing. It is the first company in the world to manufacture gaskets in a cleanroom environment.

The scope of work for the facility includes the following components:

Conceptual Layout: The scope of work involves developing a conceptual layout for the facility. This includes planning the arrangement of different areas, such as manufacturing zones, cleanroom spaces, storage areas, and administrative sections, to optimize workflow and operational efficiency.

Cleanroom Partition and Doors: To maintain a controlled and sterile environment, the facility requires cleanroom partitions and doors. These structures separate the cleanroom areas from other sections, ensuring strict environmental control and preventing contamination. The installation of cleanroom partitions and doors is an important aspect of the project.

Low Side HVAC: The low side HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is crucial for maintaining the desired temperature, humidity, and air quality within the cleanroom areas. It helps to create a controlled environment suitable for gasket manufacturing. The scope of work includes designing and installing the low side HVAC system.

Flooring Work: The flooring in a cleanroom facility needs to meet specific requirements for cleanliness, durability, and electrostatic discharge control. The scope of work includes the installation of specialized flooring systems that are suitable for cleanroom environments, ensuring a hygienic and safe working area.

Furniture: The cleanroom facility requires specialized furniture that meets the cleanliness and hygiene standards. This includes workstations, seating, storage solutions, and other ergonomic elements designed for cleanroom environments. The scope of work covers the procurement and installation of appropriate furniture.

By implementing these components, it aims to establish a state-of-the-art gasket manufacturing facility in Ras al Khaimah. The focus on a cleanroom environment ensures the production of high-quality gaskets while maintaining stringent cleanliness and sterility standards.