Best Capsule Filling Machine

FTS Lifecare is the leading capsule filling machine manufacturer in Qatar. If you are looking for quality equipment that would help you get the performance that you desire by keeping the costs under check, then you would get it here at FTS Lifecare. We manufacture automatic, semi-automatic as well as manual capsule options. Our machines are designed using precision engineering and advanced materials and conform to the highest standards in safety and performance. Contact the leading capsule filling machine supplier in Qatar and let us help you find the right equipment for your business.

How to Choose the Right Equipment?

When you are looking for a reliable automatic capsule filling machines manufacturer Qatar or to get a tool that does the work manually, you should first be sure about the equipment that you need. We recommend that you consider the following factors when you are looking to buy the right equipment for your process.

The Amount of Formulation You Need to Put in Each Capsule

This would depend on the medication that needs to be filled in the capsule. Your research team would be the best one to guide you on this. Based on that, you would need to get in touch with a reputed manufacturer and get a customized machine

What is the Density of Material?

You would need to consider the density of the ingredients as well. Use this chart to find the right size according to your density.
 CAPSULE SIZE  000 00   0  3
 Density 0.6 g/ml  822mg  570mg 408mg   300mg  222mg  180mg  126mg  78mg
 Density 0.8 g/ml  1096mg  760mg  544mg  400mg  296mg  240mg  168mg  104mg
 Density 1 g/ml  1370mg  950mg  680mg  500mg  370mg  300mg  210mg  130mg
 Density 1.2 g/ml  1644mg  1140mg  816mg  600mg  444mg  360mg  252mg  156mg 

The Type of Capsule Shell

Across the industry, there are three different options that you can take: Gelatin, HPMC and Pullulan capsule. As a professional capsule filling machine manufacturer, we offer machines that are suitable for filling all kinds of capsules.
In most cases, gelatin capsules will always be your best choice. However, if you are looking to manufacture vegetarian capsules, then HPMC capsules or Pullulan capsules are the ones to go for.