The Al Raha Hospital project involves the establishment of a Daycare Surgery Center facility in Abu Dhabi. The scope of work includes the installation of low-side HVAC systems (FCUs and Split AC), high-side HVAC systems (VRF with AHU), as well as plumbing and drainage work.

Al Raha Hospital Daycare Surgery Center Facility project was successfully completed within the agreed-upon timeline.

Al Raha Hospital project aims to create a dedicated facility for daycare surgeries, providing a safe and efficient environment for patients. The key elements of the project include:

The Al Raha Hospital Daycare Surgery Center Facility project encountered specific challenges, including:

  • High-Rise Building:¬†Overcoming the complexities associated with working in a high-rise building, including limited space for equipment installation, routing ductwork, and accommodating various utility requirements.
  • Space Constraints:¬†Addressing the space limitations within the facility while ensuring proper placement and accessibility of utilities, such as HVAC equipment, plumbing fixtures, and drainage systems.

By employing innovative design solutions, efficient space planning, and effective coordination with relevant stakeholders, these challenges were successfully overcome.