Biotech Vessel

When you are looking to get high-quality biotech vessels in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain, then FTS Lifecare is the right option for you. For decades, we have and perfecting the design and the manufacture of efficient bioreactors, fermenters, and other forms of biotech vessel which would deliver the desired results.
Whether you need a bio tech vessel for your small testing operations, or large pharma and biotech manufacturing processes, we have the right solution for you. So, if you want a safe, efficient, durable vessel that conforms to all the latest industry standards, then you will get it right here at FTS Lifecare.

Get The Right Technology at Your Fingertips

FTS offers industrial-scale bioreactors, which are an efficient tool and play an important rolein process development and production. We listen to all your needs and requirements for cell cultures cultivation and offer you customized solutions to meet them all perfectly. All our systems are designed in full accordance with your process demands and your business goals. At the same time, they conform to all the latest codes and regulations.
All wetted parts are made of high-quality stainless steel with a thin surface finish. They have a fully aseptic design and can be validated without any hassles.
Our bio tech vessel comes with an advanced control system that makes integration of upstream and downstream equipment easier in a unified production line which might include bioreactor, separation equipment, freeze-dryer, and CIP station.All the equipment can be monitored from one central computer which aids in easy process control as well as the hassle-free transfer of cultivation data.
All equipment is compliant with cGMP and GAMP standards

Now Offering – Bio Tech Vessels in Qatar

FTS Lifecare brings its entire range of bio tech vessels to Qatar. Now, you can get high-quality bio tech vessels in Qatar for your pharmaceutical, biotech, or any kind of lab operations. Contact our team of experts to know more.
Get the complete solution for the design, manufacture, installation, integration, and maintenance of top-grade bio tech vessel