The scope of work that includes several aspects of the project. Here is an overview:

Design: The scope of work involves the design phase, which includes conceptualization and detailed design of the compounding pharmacy facility. This encompasses architectural, engineering, and layout design to meet the specific requirements and regulations for pharmaceutical compounding.

Cleanroom Partitions: The installation of cleanroom partitions is a crucial element in creating controlled environments within the pharmacy. These partitions ensure a sterile and controlled area for compounding medications. The scope of work includes the installation of cleanroom partitions to meet the required standards and regulations.

Internal Electrical: The internal electrical work involves the design, installation, and commissioning of electrical systems within the facility. This includes power distribution, lighting fixtures, electrical panels, and wiring, ensuring safe and reliable electrical infrastructure for the compounding pharmacy.

Low Side HVAC: The low-side HVAC system plays a crucial role in maintaining the desired temperature, humidity, and air quality within the cleanroom areas. The scope of work includes the design, installation, and validation of the HVAC system to meet the specific requirements of the pharmacy’s compounding operations.

Validation Activities: Validation activities are an essential part of ensuring that the compounding pharmacy meets regulatory requirements and operates in a safe and controlled manner. The scope of work includes validation activities such as equipment qualification, process validation, and documentation to ensure compliance with applicable standards.


Running Plant: One of the challenges is carrying out the project while the plant is still operational. It requires careful planning and coordination to minimize disruptions to ongoing operations during the construction and installation phases.

Completion in a Short Duration.By addressing these challenges and executing the scope of work effectively, Centric Compounding Pharmacy aims to establish a well-designed and compliant facility for pharmaceutical compounding in Dubai Science Park.