Area of Construction: 900 sqm

Number of Labs: 18 Nos

Scope of Work: Gypsum Partitions, Doors, MEP Work, Lab Furniture

Achievement: Bureau Veritas Certification from French Company

Project Description

The CUCA University project in Ajman involves the construction of a university facility spanning an area of 900 square meters. The project includes the establishment of 18 laboratories within the university premises. The scope of work encompasses various aspects, including the installation of gypsum partitions, doors, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) work, and lab furniture.

Gypsum partitions will be installed to create designated areas and separate the different spaces within the facility. Doors will be incorporated to provide access to the labs and other rooms as required. MEP work involves the installation of necessary mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to ensure efficient functioning of the facility.

Furthermore, lab furniture will be installed to furnish the laboratories and provide a suitable environment for research and educational activities. This includes workstations, chairs, storage units, and other necessary equipment.

An achievement worth noting is the Bureau Veritas certification obtained from a French company. Bureau Veritas is a renowned certification agency that offers quality and compliance assessments across various industries. The certification obtained by CUCA University signifies compliance with industry standards and quality assurance in the construction and establishment of the university facility.

Overall, the CUCA University project in Ajman aims to create a well-equipped educational institution with modern facilities to facilitate learning and research in a conducive environment.