The Geltech (BioVenture) project involves the establishment of a turnkey facility for soft gel capsule and tablet manufacturing. The scope of work includes consultancy services, design, supply, and installation of various components necessary for the facility’s operation.

The key elements of the project include:

  • Cleanroom Partitions: Designing and installing cleanroom partitions to create controlled and sterile environments for different manufacturing processes.
  • High-Side & Low-Side HVAC: Implementing a specialized HVAC system for the facility, ensuring proper temperature, humidity, and air quality control to maintain optimal conditions for production.
  • Building Management System (BMS) and Energy Management System (EMS): Integrating BMS and EMS solutions to monitor and control the facility’s operations, including HVAC systems, lighting, and energy usage.
  • Electrical Work: Providing electrical design, supply, and installation services to ensure a reliable power distribution system, including lighting, power outlets, and backup power solutions.
  • Flooring Work: Installing epoxy flooring systems with coving that meet cleanroom requirements, providing a clean, seamless, and durable surface for the manufacturing areas.
  • Boiler System: Designing and installing a boiler system to provide steam for various processes, such as sterilization and equipment cleaning.
  • Water Generation System: Implementing a water generation and purification system to supply purified water for production and laboratory use.