Top Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturer in UAE

Top Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturer in UAE

FTS Lifecare proudly stands as the premier cleanroom equipment manufacturer in the UAE. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a strong legacy of excellence, we have supplied hundreds of cleanroom products to the food, cosmetic, aerospace, medical device/ disposable and microelectronics industries. Being a trusted cleanroom supplier, we ensure that our equipment adheres to the highest standards required for ISO and FED STD 209E-certified cleanrooms. Whether you are a sophisticated, large-scale laboratory facility or a smaller, specialized operation, we have the best cleanroom solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Benefits of Using Cleanroom Equipment

Using cleanroom equipment provides a myriad of benefits across various industries. Here are some of their key advantages –

  • Contamination control – Cleanroom equipment helps ensure the purity of processes and products by minimizing airborne & surface contaminants.
  • Industry compliance – Meeting the stringent regulatory and industry standards is easier with the right cleanroom equipment. It ensures compliance as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Product quality – The improved cleanliness offered by cleanroom equipment enhances the overall product quality by reducing the likelihood of defects.
  • Worker safety – Quality cleanroom equipment provides a safer working environment where the workers remain protected from hazardous substances.
  • Reduced downtime – With quality cleanroom equipment in place, there are fewer contamination-related disruptions which results in reduced downtime.

Top 7 Cleanroom Equipment in the UAE

Given below are the top cleanroom equipment options in the UAE that help maintain clean and controlled environments across a range of industries.

1. LAF and Biosafety Cabinet

leminar air flow

LAF (Laminar Air Flow) and biosafety cabinets offer a sterile environment for safe performing tasks, such as – pharmaceutical compounding & laboratory work, etc.

2. Static & Dynamic Pass Box

static passbox

Static & dynamic pass boxes facilitate the transfer of materials in and out of a cleanroom while maintaining cleanliness and mitigating contamination risks.

3. Air Shower

air shower

Air showers are designed to remove particles from the personnel entering a cleanroom. This way, the showers ensure minimal contamination and help maintain strict hygiene standards.

4. Mist Shower

Mist Shower

Mist showers reduce possible re-suspension of hazardous particulates in the operator’s breathing zone and contamination into the de-gowning area.

5. Dispensing Booth

dispensing booth

Dispensing booths provide a controlled environment for the safe dispensing of materials, particularly in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

6. Laminar Mobile Trolley

Laminar Mobile trolley

These are mobile trolleys that effectively transport critical components for the pharma manufacturing process, such as – vials, ampoules, rubber stoppers, seals, etc.

7. Isolators


Pharmacy isolator provides a perfectly hermetic and secure containment area. In particular, it is a piece of equipment for the protection of aseptic preparations. Products can be packaged, stored or handled within the main isolator that is completely sterile.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturer

Choosing the right cleanroom equipment manufacturer is critical for the success of your operations. Some of the key factors to take into account when making this crucial decision are –

1. Reputation and experience

Look for a manufacturer that has extensive experience and a solid reputation in the cleanroom industry. Well-established companies with a proven track record of delivering top-quality equipment are more likely to meet your specific needs as well.

2. Quality and compliance

Make sure the manufacturer you choose provides equipment that meets the highest standards required for ISO and FED STD 209E-certified cleanrooms.

3. Customization

As your cleanroom requirements may be unique, it is important to look for a manufacturer that can provide customized cleanroom solutions to meet your particular needs.

4. Cost

While cost is an important factor to consider, it shouldn’t be the only determinant when choosing a cleanroom equipment manufacturer. Balance your budget constraints with the need for quality equipment.


At FTS Lifecare, we understand that your success depends on the integrity of your controlled environment, and we are here to ensure just that. Do not compromise on quality; choose FTS Lifecare for the best cleanroom equipment solutions.
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FAQs: Cleanroom Equipments

Q. What is cleanroom equipment?

Ans. Cleanroom equipment refers to specialized instruments, tools, and devices that are designed for use in cleanroom environments to maintain high levels of cleanliness and control contamination. The primary function of cleanroom equipment is to ensure a sterile and strictly controlled environment for creating products which can be harmed even on a microscopic scale. Such environments are important in industries, such as – pharmaceuticals, aerospace, medical device/ disposable and microelectronics, food & beverages, cosmetics, and many others.

Q. What equipment is used in a cleanroom?

Ans. Cleanrooms rely on a wide range of specialized equipment to maintain strict levels of cleanliness and control contamination. Some of the key cleanroom equipment includes static & dynamic pass boxes, LAF (Laminar Air Flow) and biosafety cabinets, air showers, laminar mobile trolleys, dispensing booths, and stainless-steel garment storage cabinets.

Q. What is a cleanroom in manufacturing?

Ans. A cleanroom in manufacturing is a sterile and controlled environment that is designed to minimize or eliminate particulate & microbial contamination during the production processes. It is one of the most critical components of industries, such as – pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, cosmetics, aerospace, medical device/ disposable and microelectronics, etc. As cleanrooms in manufacturing demand stringent cleanliness standards, the equipment used in these environments must meet the highest standards required for ISO and FED STD 209E-certified cleanrooms. By maintaining a sterile and controlled environment, manufacturers can minimize contamination risks and produce high-quality products.

Q. How long does it take to build a cleanroom?

Ans. The time it takes to build a cleanroom depends on several factors, such as – its size, complexity, the necessary cleanliness standards, regulatory compliance requirements, etc. Typically, building a smaller, less complex cleanroom with less stringent cleanliness standards takes a couple of weeks or months. However, a bigger and more complex cleanroom with strict cleanliness requirements may take many months or even a year or more to complete. Furthermore, permitting & regulatory approvals may also impact the overall timeline for building a cleanroom. For a more accurate estimate based on your particular requirements, it is advisable to consult with an experienced manufacturer.

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